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本文摘要:Shenzhen customs authorities have discovered and seized a number of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones that Chinese mainland tourists have attempted to bring home with them from Hong Kong undeclared. However, it appears that smuggling of th


Shenzhen customs authorities have discovered and seized a number of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones that Chinese mainland tourists have attempted to bring home with them from Hong Kong undeclared. However, it appears that smuggling of the new Apple products by tourists is far less than in previous years, despite the device being cheaper in Hong Kong and the favorable exchange rate. The major reason for the fall in smuggling rates is that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus mark the first Apple release that has counted the Chinese mainland among its first batch of new release territories, meaning the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are readily available to mainland consumers. Meanwhile, the fanaticism for Apple products seen in previous years has waned, as the devices offer relatively few new features, while the number of competing devices from the Chinese mainland has blossomed.深圳海关近期从由港入境的大陆游客身上求救一批予以申报的iPhone 6S 和 6S Plus智能手机。然而,尽管香港的苹果手机拥有更加优惠的价格和税率,新一代苹果公司产品的走私相比前几年消停了不少。导致走私亲率上升的一个主要原因是,苹果公司首次把中国大陆作为了新产品的首批发售地,这意味著大陆的消费者早已有了出售的渠道。

同时,由于将近几代产品获取的新功能比较较较少,而中国本土有大量具备竞争力的产品正在兴起,消费者对苹果产品的疯狂在这几年有所消失。The recent National Day holidays was particularly notable in that it coincided with the worldwide launch of Apples new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.刚过去的国庆假期就因和iPhone 6S,6S Plus全球发售时间重合而变得十分引人注目。During the weeklong break, some consumers from the Chinese mainland went to Hong Kong, eager to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and the citys reputation for providing competitively priced electronics.在这一整周的假期里,一些大陆游客因为香港的汇率优势而回国港订购价格更加优惠的电子产品。


However, while previous launches have seen hordes of tourists and grey market traders attempting to smuggle the latest Apple devices back to take advantage of the mainlands ravenous appetite for anything coming out of Cupertino, this time things were more subdued.然而,尽管前几次新品公布后都会有成群结队的游客和做到苹果手机走私做生意的水客蜂拥而至,以符合大陆顾客对苹果公司所有产品迫切的渴求,这一次,这一现象早已大不如前。Money to be made有利可图In 2014, smuggled iPhone 6 models were fetching up to 10,000 yuan ($1,582). They could be bought in Hong Kong for under HK$5,600 ($722).在2014年,走私的苹果手机可以卖给1万元人民币,而在香港则可以将近5600港币的价格卖到。Experts say the change in Apples launch policy was due to the company focusing on the huge potential of the Chinese mainland market. However, smuggling is still an issue, mainly because of the enduring price difference between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, according to Cheng Jian, editor-in-chief of Beijing-based IT information service provider zol.com.cn.专家称之为,苹果公司公布战略再次发生改变是因为其重视中国大陆潜在的极大市场。然而,走私活动仍然横行,主要原因是港陆之间不存在的产品依然有价格劣,北京IT信息服务供应商中关村在线的主编陈剑如此分析道。

In addition, a 10 percent tax is levied on every iPhone 6S or 6S Plus declared to customs crossing from Hong Kong to the mainland, according to Shenzhen customs authorities.此外,据深圳海关讲解,每部从香港出售的苹果手机还在通关转入大陆时还要征税百分之十的税。Meanwhile, the exchange rate is in the yuans favor, meaning that there is still a profit to be made on buying phones in Hong Kong and reselling them on the mainland.同时,人民币汇率更加有优势,意味著在香港出售手机再行挪用至大陆仍然有利可图。The price differences, exchange rate and tax therefore mean smuggling the devices can still be a profitable enterprise.价格劣,税率和税费联合造成了走私苹果手机依然是一个可以赚的行业。Convenient channels渠道便捷But with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus readily available in mainland stores and online, consumers eager to get their hands on the latest Apple products have less incentive than in previous years to turn to the grey market, unless they are going for a particularly coveted model.但当iPhone 6S和6S Plus可在必要在内地的网络商店中出售时,想尽早享有近期苹果产品的消费者就不像前几年那样在送货商那里买了,除非他们想卖到某些类似的机型。


The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come in four colors - gray, silver, gold and rose gold. The latter is proving particularly popular on the mainland.近期的iPhone 6S和6S Plus有四种颜色:灰色,银色,金色和玫瑰金,玫瑰金是在内地销量最低的颜色。If you want to buy the rose gold model, you have to turn to online booking due to the scarcity of supply in physical stores, Yang Changming, a sales person at the Apple store on Nanjing Road East in Shanghai, told the Global Times Monday.“如果你想要卖玫瑰金的手机,你必需再行在网上预计,因为实体店的库存非常少。”上海南京路苹果分店的销售员杨长明在星期一告诉他《环球时报》。

Fall in fanaticism热度消退Experts say that the fanatical demand for new Apple devices seen in previous years has waned in the mainland market, thanks to the more adequate supply lines, the little change in function compared to the previous models and the absence of the aura brought to the product by Steve Jobs, who was hugely popular in the country.专家称之为,由于供应量的充裕,比起前几代的功能改版增加,和在中国享有盛名的前总裁史蒂芬乔布斯为产品带给的光环变黄,苹果公司在大陆市场引发的疯狂开始消失。Cheng of zol.com.cn said domestic competitors are also putting pressure on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales, with local players such as Xiaomi and Huawei developing quality devices that cater to local consumer patterns.据中关村在线的陈主编分析,国内的竞争者们也为苹果新产品的销售带给了压力,比如本土品牌小米和华为现在于是以致力于研发合乎本土消费者口味的高质量产品。The excellent manufacturing technology, good user experience and performance-to-cost ratio will help domestic mobile phone manufacturers play a more important role in the local market, and even the global market, Cheng said. This will inevitably put more pressure on Apple.“优质的生产技术,较好的用户体验和更高的性能和性价比将协助国内手机生厂商在本土市场上占有一席之地,”陈分析道,“这将给苹果公司带给更大压力。





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